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A warming breeze is me upon

The sunlight in its brightness

In a cloud exposes a truth

That a beauty exists,

Within each entity

Forming a line with lineage

Like a chain in the sky

Each with an indelible link.

Which reads like a story

As my footsteps have walked many paths

In a symmetry and consistency

An unbridled mind can peruse.

I stop to internalize

See how my wavelength

Is so interwoven

Within the seams of life’s fabric.

Such colours, so vibrant

All is as it should or will be

With a flawless perfection

Whether one is straight or bent,

Thick or thin, narrow or wide

As we are part of one drift

Not continental, but universal

Limitations are for those,

With a short sightedness

My eyes reach into

The past, present and future

With a vividness.

To me there is clarity

I wish to know the lay of the land

Not some altered version

The history as it was etched.

As my inner depths are intact

I am fully immersed

Verses are remembered

Stimulated by the brushes,

Of a telling wind

As I reach down to touch

The moment and its sensation

The origin of my first breath.