Dabble In Its Dibbles


I can look you in the eye

With a clear conscience

Knowing you’re of a substance

That will not wilt or fade away.

You thrive on adversity

So adapt to each environment

With a calm transition

Which speaks of a chi’s silent motions.

You are like a whale in the ocean

With a heart the size of its seas

Yet with a gentleness

So ascribed to a baby fawn.

Your shield dances

Like the strings of a violin

With such a flowing rhythm

Akin to a shimmering borealis.

Which protects you with its waves

A transparent melody

That emits a tranquility

With its synergistic tapestry.

You in turn reciprocate

Beaming in an elliptical rotation

To all coordinates

Attuned to this healing nexus.

These sounds and images

Expand without contraction

Which inundates, not piercing

With their cosmic emanations.

You are a savant

One who learns and then passes

The wisdom from an illuminating oracle

To those wanting to grasp.

Who are right on the cusp

Of an enlightening horizon

Whose colours begin to converge

Releasing its pollen to inquiring hummingbirds.

Who dabble in its dibbles

Finding a truth that permeates

Through each layer of consciousness

Into a vastness which articulates creative reflections.