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The groan in the dark

A moan heard for miles.

A king makes his mark

Staking claim to the wild.


The lord of the land

He has earned the right.

He made a demand

To stand up and fight.


Full grown is his mane

With gray for wisdom.

He’s seen many days

This plain’s his kingdom.


The guard of the pride

Protecting the weak.

By him they abide

For guidance they seek.


On the evenings watch

He can hear a laugh.

In the dark he spots

The oncoming wrath.


He sounds the alarm

For all to retreat.

On its way is harm

If he meets defeat.


To ravage they come

To scavenge and rape.

The pride turns to run

In hopes to escape.


He roars at the horde

Its one against all.5

With claws of a sword

The Hyenas fall.5


But they circle around

From every angle.

He goes to the ground

And his neck is strangled.


The flesh it is peeled

The jokers have won.

They feast the meal

and watch does his son.


He sees the sacrifice

What it means to lead.

To give up your life

For the pride is a deed.


At times you must bleed

To overthrow foes.

To protect the seeds

You fought hard to grow.


Remember the call

Of the Alpha male.

To death he would fall

Before he would fail.