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I befriended one

When his wing was in tatters

With me he had a second chance

Though I was told,

For all intents and purposes

His life was done

I refused to accept this diagnosis

To me, time and patience were the keys.

So I brought him home

Kept up the convalescence,

There was something

That made me believe.

If I only showed faith

In the virtue of his existence

The body would heal itself

From light and empowerment.

The first days were a struggle

It was touch and go

Many tears were dripping

Then after a dream one night,

In which he came to me

Saying his strength was improving

I awoke beyond the watershed

When I heard him flapping about.

We began an exercise regimen

Soon he was able

To soar from tree to tree

Nature had healed one of its own.

Who then regained their freedom

His thoughts told me he would not forget

More tears rolled down my face

But I was smiling endlessly.

I knew I’d see him again

Once more had time

To check an old pain

Came back as cancer of the lymph nodes.

One morning I heard a familiar call

My friend embraced me within his span

I felt this warmth so envelop

Since then I have been in complete remission.