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Crimson drops on a canvas of white 
Vividly paint a trail of flight, 
Transformed into a frantic quest 
To find the herd, safety and rest. 

Across the snow-swept icy plain, 
A solitary reindeer struggled in vain, 
His escape heroic, but now he was lost 
And his damaged leg the terrible cost. 

The wolves wild with hunger still 
Followed determined to finish their kill. 
Cut adrift from family and friend 
His life must soon be at an end. 

The scent of the herd he could not detect 
But his pursuers' smell he began to suspect, 
Intensifying with every fearful pace, 
His escape becoming a forlorn chase. 

Suddenly a frozen lake barred his faltering flight. 
In desperation he took a step onto the creaking ice. 
No turning back, he slipped and slid gracelessly on, 
Into the icy vastness,which held his weight upon

The swiftly chasing pack halted at the lake, 
All except the leader, who any risk would take. 
With gnawing hunger dementing his brain, 
He leapt on the ice, but all was in vain. 

The ice gave way 'neath the wolf so brave, 
Plunging him down to a deep icy grave:

Sad at their loss ,the wolves turned back. 
The fear of death overcame the pack. 

Meanwhile, on the far side of the fateful lake, 
A limp on solid ground , he was about to take. 
The reindeer sensed the chase was at an end, 
And in the care of the herd his leg might mend. 

But the herd had vanished, leaving him bereft. 
With dangers all around and little time left, 
When suddenly his nostrils flared - at last, familar smells. 
Then he saw distant reindeers, and heard distant bells. 

His spirit soared, the pain seemed to end, 
As he made direct to family and friend. 
Watchful reindeer came out to cheer 


The happy return of a brave reindeer.