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My cat’s a vicious predator

Though meek and self-effacing

I sigh and shake my head at her

But I can’t stop her chasing--


--poor little mice, and great big rats

And tender little frogs

And voles and snakes and baby bats

And lizards under logs


I tell my friends about my cat

They don’t believe a word

(They haven’t seen the mouse, the rat

The frog, the vole, the bird)


I tell my neighbors and they laugh

They don’t believe it’s true

(Until they see her dragging half

a rabbit--then they do)


I feed her well, but even so

She has to ply her skill

She prowls and stalks just like a pro

Then leaps to make her kill


I yell at her, I scream and shout

To let the poor things be

She just pretends that I’m not there

And races up a tree


Oh why did Mother Nature make

My lovely cat so vicious?

I wish for little creatures’ sake

They weren’t all so delicious.