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We're in the midst of winter
I look not at the harshness
Or at times the bitter cold
But at the reflections of the snow.
With it comes a brightness
Makes the world come alive
The leaves may have fallen
In their place is an adorned beauty.
In no time at all
A landscape is transformed
Into a blanketed wonderland
With icicle creations.
The sky is filled with flakes
Draping any and all forms
Branches gain a thickness
With all sorts of patterns.
The nights gain a glow
A crispness is in the air
The ground begins to freeze
As we hear our own footsteps.
We go on a sleigh ride
See the excitement of little ones
As a few fall off
Then have to catch up.
A good hot chocolate
With a few marshmallows
Just seems to hit the right spot
Giving us a burst of energy.
Then we look up at the stars
They seem close enough to touch
A magic exists
You can feel its presence.
A light dwells over us
From ones who have passed before
It is no coincidence
How the complexion changes,
As we take on the appearance
Of ones who count ourselves lucky
Being exposed to experiences
That radiate with ethereal tones.