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See the sadness within the spruce

With his branches so down curled

Painted white with winter’s wrath

Quite burdened by his frigid world


So humble pleased within his glory

His pureness born of strength and might

While seemingly to be subdued

When seen by superficial sight


Within his heart he knows his strength

And his limits of endurance

Therefore striving without relent

To the time of springs assurance


He knows each year that in the spring

He’s nurtured by receding wrath

First bathed then fed to bring him strength

By winters natural aftermath


He starts stretching for the heavens

As if he’s praying from his heart

Simply asking the almighty

For all his grand new birth to start


His growth begins to sprout new life

While adding strength to all his roots

Gently swaying in amazement

Of all these life producing shoots


All the summer he will flourish

As gently rains will quench his thirst

Each season pass brings vital growth

For when the journey seems it’s worst


Come the fall he’s quite complacent

The autumn air is cool and crisp

Now winter nip’s upon the breeze

Yes, riding every little wisp


But fears not his for winters wrath

For now he’s strengthened from the past

Stored up now in his larger heart

Is more than enough love to last


Hardship always comes to visit

But we control how long it lasts

Life holds more good than bad you see

And that is why all things have pasts