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The Seeing Eye Of A Hurricane

I couldn’t wait for the hurricane season,

only to find that I was in the wrong

location for one – I had to live down

the coast to get its full effects. I wanted

to move South, like the birds.

I’d watch them migrating each day,

and feel jealous. The ones who left

early had time to land and explore.

The last minute ones raced across the sky.

They didn’t break the sound barrier,

like jets, and leave behind noise,

but they cut  through the landscape

like a buttered knife through

cheese cake. How I wished

I could become a first hand witness

to God’s tantrums. There was no

other way to describe hurricanes. ‘The Lord

giveth and taketh away.’ He was doing both

at the same time. He was giving us a show,

while taking away the shelters we called home,

putting them back into the sea where life came from.