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The ocean has lost its aestheticity
its blue, charming, attractive garb
It has become white, dull, and old

In its water the fish is unable to swim
Life is unable to grow

It has worn a white garb as if
it has become a widow
who has lost in her dreams
who is waiting for someone
who has gone far away
to meet God

It is also looking like that moth
which is silent as it knows that
it has to sacrifice its life
in front of light
so it has lost its interest in life
and beauty of nature

It is feeling as if life has no meaning
life is only a game which is endless

The ocean is feeling tired as it has
seen many centuries
It has seen many wars, famine and
brutal killings

It has worn white cloths
not because of the fact that
it does not relish materialistic pursuits
but because it thinks that it will be able to
save itself from the heavenly angels when they
will search for the tyrants,
killers, robbers and butchers