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Let's watch the ocean

(pixilated) while this bridge

we walk trembles and teeters over

waves that crash in

stereo sound. Slip into my

headphones and listen to the echo

of my hand clutching the collar

of your jacket,

keeping you from tipping over

the sides of our

decaying wooden walkway.



Chocolate bar


from bulky heat sweating

on top

of a designer silver wrapper.

Still sweet,

a flower trampled

by a field

of bludgeoning

grunting lawn mowing

machines. Ancient soil


sugar from a tin foil

pipe, feeling high

when all those grassy

knuckles and palms

get a taste of that cool

breeze. The sun

is telling the grass

is telling the bugs

ah smell that sweet

burning up the clouds

bringing silt like a mighty river

collecting chocolate sand

at the basin of this earth.