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Hearing waves from a distance and

feeling sea breezes brush our faces,

it seemed a century before we

came to the ocean.

So blue and bright to our eyes

its rhythm broke chains of

unremarkable days.

Over cool sand we ran and you picked

three perfect shells which fit

inside each other. Swimming away in

that moving expanse below kiss

of fine spray and splashes.

With clouds cumulus we drifted while

gulls circled the island. Together we

discovered beds of morning glories

climbing soft dunes


SeaScape II


Let's dive in ocean hiss swish

riding with bluewhales, bluewaves.

Brush of foam and windy ripples

sunbeams chasing quicksilver fish.


Floating through our shining world

fragrant clouds, feathery clouds.

We weave one arm after another

wearing bracelets of salt pearl.





Waters creep over my feet.

Should I stand shivering

or go swim? Lose my footprint?

Off I run, falling over myself,

a mug of salty cider. This

wave an insecure bed. Seaweed

pillow. Carried by moon to

an abyss.

The floor of my mansion is

not tidy. I shall have sponges

for lunch. Ride with seahorses


On the far shore, my lover

smiles, kiss of surf.


My mind is an ocean

where swimmers, surfers,

sun worshipers cavort.

Long salty hair

held between

their teeth.


wild flowered gowns

…streams of silk

   waves of taffeta

   splashy lace.

They sail through

my watery face

combing my eyes

whispering in my ears.

Alone, under a pointillist sky.

Gulls flying around me.

Black waters touched by

moon of vague prophecy.