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How long have I waited for you?

You are in my dreams with everything I do.

My love for you is true.

Gifts glitter show through.


The more I think,

The more I feel,

Inextricably linked.

My bond is sure

And I grow to learn more.


Find foresight a new.

This letter is too invisible

To read in natural light

Got to seek something bright,

So I see the clue.

The symbolic message code,

To take with me on the road.

The journey I trek

Like a new card from the deck

What does it mean?

When it is yet unseen.


Fly through clouds in the sky,

Ride the ocean’s wave.

I think of all you gave

And in my heart I save

It all like music on a stave.


I know I’ve got to be brave,

To get where I’m going to,

Close to the picture you drew.

Ask how the sea got it’s color

And I’ll say it’s because the wind blew.

Just say hello to this liquid form

And it’ll wave right back.

Of this you can be most shore.