Beauty surrounds her

Like the crisp April morning fog

Encompassing the wild belle whole

Leaving her completely intoxicating beyond belief

To the eye of any young suitor

How sweet it would be to catch a glimpse of her passion

To linger on every word flowing gently from her supple lips

To softly whisper the cries of my longing for her sensual touch.

Beauty is She; and she is beautiful

Beauty is her name

In character and fashion

Bold and independent like the rebellious titans

Yet inspiring and wise as if born to be a goddess of her unjustly time

Oh yes, how this special girl walks in the light of beauty

Hiding her fears and indiscretions behind a glimmering smile

Proving her worth to the stationary life she leads

In hopes of an illustrious change in the future.

Beauty is She; and she is beautiful

Beauty lives deep within her

Infatuating every soul she encounters

Oh how I love this girl!

Not jealously, monogamously, or religiously;

But peacefully, friendly, and passionately

As her charming presence boils every cell and molecule I possess,

Her scent is more tempting than the sirens themselves

Drawing my curiosity, leading me into her private world.

Beauty is She; and she is beautiful

Beauty calms thunderous storms

With her naturally cool demeanor

Allowing me to open up beyond pure vulnerability

She speaks freely and sincerely as if each word was created for her

Avoiding all possible corruption of soul and body

Obscurity shan’t fall upon this magnificent creation

She knows no bounds and continues to search for truth

Her mystical memory shall never cease within me.

Beauty is She; and she is beautiful

Beauty follows her closely

From the confines of desolate solitude

To the everlasting comfort of familiar company

She is the reincarnation of Aphrodite herself

Her nature and grace will live on through the years

Fulfilling new lives searching for a purpose with each passing

This girl shall never truly be alone

For she will always remain the burning sensation in my heart.

Beauty is She; and she is beautiful.