You touch my heart

You touch my being

You touch my soul

By touching my feet


You touch me by your words

You touch me by your smile

You touch me with your gaze

The talk of beauty & all that praise



Your touch is divine

Sweet as a wine

Makes me write 

Poems that do not rhyme 


Please let me drink

Till the pain flows through the brink

The unfathomable deep blue

Hath my hope sink


Pain and pleasure go hand in glove

Is this the destiny of our love?

Let us rise above the world 

And entwine our love by an eternal touch


I feel your touch in the air I breathe

I feel your touch in every wreath

I feel your touch, in everything I touch

You mesmerize me, thank you so much

Self Deception


  We held each other’s hands

With a little hesitation

And the two of us wandering

About our next destination



You said it was just a consolation

I thought, it was a mere rehabilitation

However, what both of us over looked

Was a true determination


To give our thoughts and 

Passions certain elevation

Shall we keep holding each other

With the same warmth and sensation?



True in our passion and 

High in our aspiration;

Shall we proceed together

To attain a sublime imagination?


Or shall we become docile to be ruled

By mundane rules and temporal regulations?

And shroud our dreams with

The façade of “Self Deception”.

Please let me sleep



Oh please please let me sleep

I cannot fathom a love so deep



Your caresses, strokes and burning desires

Keep me awake and ignite my fire



The moon peeps in, the stars wink

Our secrets will be out in a blink


My bashfulness is a striking contrast

To your rapturous volatile blast



The sky, the moon, the night and the stars

Have witnessed it all, through these hours



You tighten your grip, with a lustful smile

And say relax honey we are man and wife!



He kissed my feet, so that I live to know

There are deeds gentler than charity

Words keener than hollow assurances

Touches softer than the virgin snow



My heart must have skipped a beat or two 

My drunkard soul must have begged leave of reason

My whole being must have stood in defiance

To the monotone of life’s capricious rhyme



Now I pause to ponder what are my gains?

Novel experiences or a handful of familiar pains

Whatever the cost; life has beauty to sell

I bid and even dare stock

Those kisses that the orchards of reason scorn!!

I am all ears



I am all ears

From head to toe

From morning till night

From dawn till dusk


I am all ears

Eager to hear

Ready to bear

The love so dear


I am all ears

In spite of the fears

Of dreary dogmas

Of concocted confines

Of sacred taboos



I am all ears

To the ticklish whispers

To the friendly talk

The bliss of our hearts