Happily Married


Walking down the aisle with you

Was like a dream come through

I couldn’t wait to be married

To a person so wonderful and true

I’m enjoying this new life together as one

Together our love will shine like the sun

Your love and mine

It sparkles and shines

Being husband and wife

Is glorious as can be

Our love will go on for many centuries

Happily married I hope to stay

The love that we have will grow each day

Despite what people may say

When it comes to our love

I’ll never be so blind or mistrust

The love that is forever shared between us





You and I



Our love is all it can be and more

Being together is what my heart adores

The love that is shared between us

Is like no one else I know

Your love together with mine

Is better than the winter’s snow

There’s no mistake about you and I

This love will live on forever and never die

Our love is everything you see

When were together it feels like ecstasy

The love that we share

Is more than words can ever say

No matter what this love

Between you and I

Will never fade away





Dreaming of You



Dreaming of you

Dreaming of me

Dreaming of everything we could be

It’s like a dream come through


Dreaming of you

That I never thought I even knew

I just can’t stop dreaming of you

                                                  And all the good times too


How you make me feel

This love never felt so real

Dreaming of you

Has always been a big deal


Although I can’t wait to see

Your love for me

Until then it seems like

Dreaming of you


Will now and forever be

If all I wanted is to be with you

Dreaming of you

Could never really do


But until I see your face again

I would guess that

Dreaming of you

Will truly never end





The Touch of Love



The touch of love

Is like a blooming flower

It comes your way

Even in the midnight hour


How I’m glad to be in love

And feel the warmth of your hug

When I think of love

 I think of us


Always wanting to feel your body’s touch

Here I am waiting for this day

Never knowing that love

Can make me feel this way


It’s like a spring day

In the middle of the month of May

This is real love

The kind that will never fade away


Remember the touch of love

There’s no feeling on earth like it

When it comes your way

It’s like heaven above






You’re All I Need


You’re all I need and more

Your love has climbed new heights in my heart

That I just can’t ignore

I love seeing you each day of my life


It’s so wonderful to be called your wife

Love with you is like a dream come through

When I looked in your eyes

I knew that it had to be you


The way you made me smile

And light up my day

When it comes to you

I like to be near not far away


This love is the best ever

There’s none like it any where

When people see us

They can’t help but stare