A Meeting of Strangers

Across the cafe shyly peering

I catch a sight her gaze

Burning sun sprayed hair

Emerald eyes wide

Oh those ruby lips

Could ruin me

I find myself beside her

Somehow words work

We meet

A Meeting of Friends

Hand in hand it seems a dream

An angel I behold

I ve caught the sun it d seem

So fear no more the cold

With every beat my hearts a burst

Forth with love to all its ends

Quenching parching thirst

Making all amends

At hearts height

All the World

Is Beauty

A Meeting of Lovers

Nature is alight

As after the rain

The green trees glow

Their heavy scent oppresses the air

Like the moisture running down your leg

And above your thigh

Little pearls dance

Beads bursting down

  The sun came out

Your eyes on the sky

While I stare down your belly

Through the navel

I move my head upon your breast

To better hear you live

O promise of spring showers

Sudden bursts of abundance

Those spectral moments

Where beauty lives