We are in love 

And we are not in love 

That is a game we play 

When it is dark and light fades 

The girls look at us with dark eyes 

And they like that !

They look at us 

One blonde the other dark but

Both with dark eyes and

When they look at you 

You look away from their eyes 

To their lips rouge, red whatever 

It's not a game they play 

They like to watch and pose 

Not to stare 

They want us to match their looks 

To look at their eyes but not into them 

But their looks, their pose 

We can't match that.


M dances just like an angel

She is not an angel but she is loved more

An angel has a look

And she has more than a look

That's what you'd like to think

She can surprise She has a soul

She changes She has more than a mind

A body More than all that

She can change She chooses to change

To learn Maybe to love

To do what a person should do She thinks

Time Travelers 

We are so human, so human but we are time travellers 

Time travellers too, 

When we travel through time

We are lonely but we like to travel

We like the skies, and the clouds that fade

We like diamonds how they shine and glare 

And we like the colours when we look down 

And we like the people who walk like us 

Time travellers as well 

They could be living in any time 

And they like diamonds like us, you know 

They like rubies too and sapphires 

Because sapphires rubies diamonds never fade 

And they never die 

Only humans can die 

But we can't see death, we can't see it at all 

We can only visualise

But we are time travellers 

And there is more to this world and these lives that we live 

Than immortal things like diamonds 

The Seducers 

I like weekends when they are in shade

That’s when we wear hats to hide our eyes

Hats to shade us and hats to seduce flesh

To seduce other bodies and ourselves too

And that’s not all

We dress to seduce those

That watch us 

And we wait 

And the evening waits for the night

Seduction is no temptation

Hats too plain, dresses too

Gaudy dresses and no glamour too

And that’s not all

The night then does not wait for us. 

A Red Night 

There is another clown 

It is the night 

No men or women now and no difference 

And no telling where lights are

Shining against the air 

And the lights fill up around 

Against human color, the shades and tints of the human

But the colors from the lights are not of flesh hue

But gorgeous synthetic red 

Maybe scarlet too and these colors are not for clowns 

The clown is the night 

And the night alone fill up 

With the colors of the night 

The colors that belong to others. 


Gypsy girl 

Not a spirit in the air 

But a girl! 

With mind focused 

But not on death 

Because death was a stranger 

She loves

She hopes and dreads and fears

With eyes focussed and blood-shot 

With a face spoilt, muddied, fresh

With the air of the forest 

Of the single wide forest 

Not of nature in general

Her face blown by a wind that she didn’t want 

Except to blow her face when she was hot 

Or to cool her when she was hot and wanting to love

She was lonely but not now as the night shines 

Now she is a girl more interested in the light of the moon 

Not because of the light

But because it is in the sky

Scattering light

See how it scatters light 

And she looked round and she wandered but not homewards 

But in the direction where her mother sat with another 

Her father is gone 

And look at the lonely flames that scatter light too

Now only the flame silent in the light of the room 

And the girl alone in her room 

And she is not lonely, she says so too 

Loneliness is a stranger that she doesn’t want to embrace